Why Rent Guitars?

gutiar rentals fretboard

So, you were forced to leave your guitar at home. And now you need a guitar rental? It's terrible we know, it should be illegal.

Don't worry, we have been in your situation too. Do these sound familiar:

  • Vacation: The dreaded choice of spouse or guitar.
  • Business: Don't be "that person" with the guitar.
  • Airlines: The baggage guy does not look gentle today.
  • Professional: Record with a rich sound on a vintage guitar.
  • Try: Play a high-end guitar rental before purchasing.

What's New?

We have Regular Rentals for pickup in: Baltimore MD, Chicago IL, Clearwater FL, Gaithersburg MD, Seattle WA, St Petersburg FL, and More!

High-End Rentals can be shipped to ANY city you need or picked up in: Washington DC, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Nashville TN, New York NY, Orlando FL, San Francisco CA, New Orleans LA, San Diego CA, Portland OR, and More!.